random acts of … randomness.

so… i finally stopped talking about doing something.. and i finally did it….

yep. i got my eyebrow pierced. and no.. it did\’t hurt all that bad. and no.. i really was\’t planning on getting it done today… but i was driving around on our\’day of\’ here in catasaqua, pennsylvania.. and i was like. \’hey.. lets find out prices for an eyebrow piercin\’… and i end up walking out with one. heh. but i like it. :-)

back to my old friend tadorg

yes. i need to post an entry. why? cuz i have a lot on my mind.
why have\’t i posted on tracyapps.org since august? because i always posted entries on thisroad.org.
why do\’t i do that now? well thisroad.org was so rudely and abruptly deleted from under my feet.
sad day on my face.
man WAY down.

so her\’s the deal. all my journal entries from the road (in the united states AND danmark) are all gone. all my\’fall tou\’ pictures are gone. and all my emails on thisroad.org… gone. and i ca\’t just get thisroad.org back up, because all the original files i used to create thisroad.or\’s layout are not on this computer. so thisroad is officially wiped clean. a completely blank canvas replaces hours, days and months of work, words, images and thoughts.

it kinda makes me sick when i think of all the things i lost. but a lesson to be learned in this experience, is that God does\’t have server problems. we have these problems on earth. and they stink, yes. but God is still good. God is still perfect. and God is still in control. so while i have several hours of work ahead of me to start thisroad.org over again, i can still rejoice in the name of Jesus.

so now.. inspiration. i need some of that. hey God? wanna help me build a webpage?

just so you know…

i wo\’t be posting to ta.org much anymore. i will concentrate more on keeping my travel journal, thisroad.org, up to date. so feel free to bookmark/link/tattoo it on your arm… whatever. :-)

also, just a fyi, i added over 400 pictures today. so go ahead and check those out… ther\’s two bonfires, a week in colorado, some pics from bemidji, cornerstone, a krispy kreme run, and a random time at jubliee school. :-) enjoy :-D

oh yea. go name my djembe :-)

no… \’m not married….

cept to Christ. :-)

yea. so it has been a long time since my last post. i apologize. but no. i have not eloped or moved to another country. (although i did visit bemidji minnesota this past week, and tha\’s pretty close to a different country. *grin* yay for northern minnesota. heh)

so i really wo\’t make this post long, but \’ll give you a little update on my life. and i do want to warn all you people reading this, that my posts here may become very sparse. i start training for my year with youth encounter on august 17th. so this is my last week here in milwaukee, and i have a TON still to get done.

last night was my benefit concert/coffee house/art sale at the UCM house. and it was awesome. God totally answers prayers… above and beyond my expectations. it was an amazing time of worship instead of just a performance. which is totally what i prayed for. much of my artwork walked out the door, and \’m around $475 closer to my goal for fundraising. :-D

in other news, God has totally been revealing more and more of my calling, and His plan for my future. \’m really excited. a bit nervous, but very at peace. following Christ is definitely an adventure. but what a fun ride it is!

i have a lot of pictures to post, and a dvd to make, so i better get to work on stuff. \’ll post at least one more time this week, and will hopefully have my travel journal up and running, so i can announce that. oh. go name my djembe i want that to have a name before it comes on the road with me! :-)

have a most awesome day, and may God lead you to wonderful adventures in your world.

plop plop fizz fizz…

oh what a relief it is… i finally named my new powerbook :-) and now… my new djembe is up on the namethis… so go suggest some names. lots of names. there have been some excellent suggestions made there… so keep it up you naming geniuses you! *grin*

so i have a whole box of lotsa fizz (that i bought from discountcandy.com) sitting here on the table with me.


and \’m sitting here in my makeshift office….


and her\’s the dog \’m sitting on for (hehehe)


and get this… the other day when i was grocery shopping… i saw these:


let me tell you about these \”cheese bolts\”. see.. i figured they are just a wannabe bag of \”flami\’ hot cheetos.\” and yea.. i was right
.. but they do NOT taste as good. the package design is pretty creative… but they do\’t taste as good as my flami\’ hots. *shrugs* o well.

anyways. go name my djembe. \’m going back to work :-P

well hello webpage that i have been neglecting…

my arm hurts. i had a physical today, and they gave me a tetnis shot. blek.

\’m housesitting/dog-sitting for the week. (the dog does\’t seem to like being sat upon though. *shrugs* i just do\’t get it)

i watched the most rad and gnarly tv program ever today… i love the 8\’s on vh1. i laughed SOOO much at some of this music, products, \”fashions\” and whatnot. man.. i remember most of the stuff they talk about… especially the late 8\’s stuff. *shakes head* i still ca\’t believe my hair back then! *gag*

oh and if yo\’re a nerd, and you want to see the aftermath of the post off that was held last week, go here. for all of you who missed the , do\’t worry, \’m sure w\’ll have another one soon. :-)

any-who. \’m going to sleep before i end up face first on this laptop, with key imprints on my face.